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Message: “Your Relationship With Christ | Mark 3:7-19 | Part II” from Tim Castillo

Tim Castillo - August 25, 2019

Your Relationship With Christ | Mark 3:7-19 | Part II

As a follower of Christ, learn how personal holiness is a natural part of our walks with The Lord. Preached by Tim Castillo on August 25th, 2019 as part 18 on our sermon series on the book of Mark titled 'To The Cross'. We'll opening up our Bibles to Mark 3:7-19. For more sermons from this expository method of sermon delivery, please visit https://gracehill.church/sermon-series/mark/ or visit us in Farmington, NM.

Scripture References: Mark 3:7-19

From Series: "Mark: To The Cross"

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