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Message: “Keys to Unity | Philippians 4:1-6” from Clint Freeman

Clint Freeman - January 27, 2019

Keys to Unity | Philippians 4:1-6

Ever struggled to get along with someone at church? You can be assured that scuffles among people of faith have happened in past, and they will happen again. How do we deal? Follow along as Pastor Clint unpacks this text in Philippians 4! Preached by Clint Freeman on January 27th, 2019 as part 20 on our sermon series on the book of Philippians titled 'United for the Sake of the Gospel'. We'll opening up our Bibles to Philippians 4:1-6. For more sermons from this expository method of sermon delivery, please visit https://gracehill.church/sermon-series/philippians/ or visit us in Farmington, NM.

Scripture References: Philippians 4:1-6

From Series: "Philippians | United For The Sake of The Gospel"

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